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Photo by bsoist BF 5How long can BF stay with their stadium situation?4Can WR Watkins stay healthy all year?3Will the D be as good as in 2015 as it gets older at key positions like DT?2Can BF keep the run game going with McCoy and more stable O line?1Can Taylor offer the kind of passing game to truly contend in the AFC East?MI 5Can MI really challenge NE for the AFC East title?4Will D additions o
Coaches on the hot seat in 2017 1Jets Cuts of all the vets won’t help the win totals and cost the coaches their jobs. 2Browns After a 1-15 season, they better get at least 6 wins to keep their jobs 3Bears After a 3 win season, they better get at least 6 games or Fox & company are gone 4Colts Bad ownership & GM will cost HC Chuck Pagano his job.  Part of the blame is on him and his s
Photo by swimfinfan To hear the details check out the radio show page where Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & Tony Williams of Metro New York joined me to talk about this mock. 1Cleveland BrownsQB PR CB S OT Myles GarrettDETexas A&M Clearly the best pass rusher in the draft. Motivated & ready to play    2San Francisco 49ersQB G CB C OLB DESolomon ThomasDEStanford 2Y ST good frame &
Photo by Keith Allison NOTE:  On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the NFL news of the day and a current topic of interest on the 2 games in Cleveland the Fans were chanting “Defense-Defense.”  The players looked at each other wondering what Defense was.Defense has been missing all season.  While the regular season is one thing, it will be dif
Memo to EVP Brown:  You and your staff are GUTLESS.  They won’t pick a QB in fear they will screw it up.  I hope you are GONE before the next NFL Draft.Too cute for your own good.While the 1st pick should have been a no brainer, someone in the Browns “brain trust” was leaking comments about taking a QB with that pick.  All Browns fans now know that was a bald-faced lie.  This group DOESN’T
 DeShone Kizer was my top QB in a very weak class.  Clearly what happened to the Notre Dame program had a lot more to do with very bad coaching, even worse recruiting, and a brain-dead staff than what Kizer did or didn’t do.  But there are a bunch of issues that the Browns will have to address.The first issue is Kizer’s mechanics.  A combination of a very pathetic O line, the lack of a consistent
Photo by S. Yodo NOTE:  On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports, Tony Williams of Metro NY and I discussed the news of the day and NNR Mock draft on  Thanks 4 listening.After the Celtics went down 2 games in the 2017 NBA playoffs I tweeted this:“TO Celtics-Thanks for playing. Pick up a home version of the game on your way out of the playoffs.”I was right up to the poi
Mock NFL Draft1Cleveland BrownsQB PR CB SMyles GarrettDETexas A&M2San Francisco 49ersOLB DE T G QBSolomon ThomasDEStanford3Chicago BearsPR CB S G T TEJonathan AllenDEAlabama4Jacksonville JaguarsTE RB DT T GLeonard FournetteRBLSU5Tennessee TitansCB WR ILBMarshon LattimoreCBOhio State6New York JetsQB OLB CB deHaason ReddickOLBTemple7Los Angeles ChargersS WR DE G T QBMalik HookerSOhio State8Caro is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.

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