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In the heart of Buckeye Nation, the No.6 Ohio State football team is gearing up to face the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, and while the spotlight might be on the looming clash with No. 9 Notre Dame, Coach Ryan Day and his squad are leaving no stone unturned in preparation. Now, to the untrained eye, the face-off with the Hilltoppers might not scream "Game of the Century", but let's not underestim
In the heart of Buckeye Nation, excitement is reaching a fever pitch as the sixth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes gear up to host the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. This showdown promises to be a tantalizing appetizer before the main course, a high-stakes clash with the formidable No. 9 Notre Dame on the road next week. Now, to the uninitiated, the Buckeyes squaring off against the Hilltoppers might no
Coach Ryan Day and his team are hard at work, striving to secure one of the most coveted prospects for the class of 2025: Brandon Caesar. Just yesterday, Ohio State University made a significant move by extending an offer to Brandon Caesar. Among them, emerges a name that has the potential to redefine the defensive line scene for the Ohio State Buckeyes - Brandon Caesar. While the fervor of Bucke
The No.5-ranked Ohio State football team displayed a somewhat lackluster performance against Indiana, leaving many wondering about the wrinkles in their offensive attack. A new chapter had begun with the introduction of Kyle McCord as the starting quarterback, and it was apparent that adjustments were in order. Kyle McCord’s inaugural start as the Buckeyes’ quarterback may have
As the scarlet and gray faithful held their breath during Ohio State's season opener against Indiana, it was evident that some fine-tuning was needed. The Buckeyes, adorned with the No. 5 ranking, emerged from the bout with a victory, but the offensive engine had yet to hit its stride. A fumble here, a missed opportunity there — it all added up to a performance that left many wanting more. Quart
In the heart of Buckeye Nation, the anticipation has reached its zenith as the Ohio State football faithful count down the moments until the Saturday clash against Indiana (3:30pm on CBS). The scarlet and gray fervor is palpable, a rhythmic drumbeat of excitement echoing through the state. Amidst the hype and fervor, Coach Ryan Day's proclamation has solidified: Kyle McCord will lead the charge a
 As the anticipation in Columbus, Ohio reaches its crescendo, Buckeye Nation readies itself for the electrifying clash on Saturday when the scarlet and gray warriors of Ohio State march onto the gridiron to face off against Indiana. The echoes of tradition and the weight of expectations converge as Coach Ryan Day makes a resolute choice, designating Kyle McCord as the quarterback to lead the
The Ohio State Buckeyes and Coach Ryan Day have achieved a feat by securing the commitment of Long Snapper Morrow Evans. From Episcopal High School in Texas, Evans has earned the title of 2024 All-American, a testament to his level of skill and dedication. Evans joins the 2024 class for the Buckeyes. In a significant powerhouse team building block for the future, Ohio State football has made a n
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