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2011 Offensive Lineman Michael Bennett is Weighing Every Option

Michael Bennett is making a stir early in the recruiting process for 2011 college prospects. With a number of great offers early from big programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Cincinnati, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, he was the luxury of weighing his decision for almost a year if he chooses. Bennett told us about what he is looking for in a college and a football program.

Michael Bennett 2011 Offensive/Defensive Lineman Highlights

By Steve Patterson

Michael Bennett plays the game of football with a dominating presence from either the offensive tackle of the defensive tackle position. "My best attributes are my aggressiveness and attitude.” the 6’3” 275 lbs junior explained to us recently. He high school, Centerville Ohio, is ready to have a big year this coming fall against some Ohio powerhouse teams. “So far i don't have a single highlight. I expect there will be a lot my senior season though with us playing Alter and Saint Ignatius.”

Bennett has made unofficial visits to a couple of schools in the area including Ohio State and Cincinnati. “I've been to OSU's junior day, a UC game, a Ball State game, and an OSU game.” He has very good things to say about the Buckeyes and the Bearcats. “I thought OSU had amazing facilities and there was an amazing atmosphere at OSU's and UC's games.”

“I'm interested in a winning program with great academics.” he reported to us about his goal in selecting a college. “I feel that academics are just as important as football because they would supply me with a career after football is over.”

The scholarships continue to pile up for the highly sought after Ohio product. “So far I have scholarship offers from: UAB, UC, OSU, NC State, Duke, Ball State, Michigan State, Ohio, Wake Forest, Indiana, Northwestern, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre dame, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.” he told us. Notre Dame was one of the more recent offers with Brian Kelley continuing to recruit players from his old recruiting territory near Cincinnati.

Although some might consider Bennett a lean to the home state Buckeyes, he insists that he is wide open at this time. “I don't have any favorites right now. I'm weighing every school on the same scale and making sure I don't make a hasty decision"

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