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Buckle up, because the past few weeks have been a coaching carousel for Ohio State football! The latest news? James Laurinaitis is now the head Linebackers Coach. Son to the legendary Road Warrior Animal, Laurinaitis brought his wealth of football wisdom to Ohio State in 2023, where he served as a graduate student coach.

James Laurinaitis Linebackers Coach

Now, he's stepping up to the big leagues, leading the next generation of Ohio State linebackers.

Cleveland Browns Interview

What's interesting is Laurinaitis's journey to this position. This move comes after Laurinaitis reportedly interviewed with the Cleveland Browns, potentially using that interest as leverage to secure his spot in Columbus.

Utilizing his connections and skills, Laurinaitis successfully secured the linebackers coach role for the Buckeyes after a series of interviews in Berea, demonstrating both his ambition and his knack for seizing opportunities.

Similar to Brian Hartline

This move also reminds me of Brian Hartline's journey. He too returned to his alma mater as a coach, and look how successful he's been! Could Laurinaitis follow a similar path?

Will he follow in Hartline's footsteps and achieve similar success? Only time will tell as Laurinaitis embarks on this new chapter in his football journey with the Buckeyes.

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