Chris Holtmann Takes DePaul Head Coaching Job | OSU Sports Information
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Chris Holtmann just signed a 6-year deal to be the new head coach at DePaul! Apparently, they offered him a sweet package, remembering how good he was back when he coached at Butler in the Big East.

At Ohio State, things were pretty good for Holtmann for a while. Even though they let him go last month, he took the Buckeyes to the NCAA tournament four years in a row, and they were even a really high seed in 2021. His very first year was amazing, with a 25-9 record, and they won an NCAA tournament game each of his first two years as coach. They might have lost early in the tournament a couple times, but hey, making it that far is pretty good!

Before Ohio State, Holtmann did great things at Butler too, taking them to the NCAA tournament three years in a row. He started out as an assistant coach at a smaller school and just kept moving up the ladder. At DePaul, he's replacing their old coach who got fired after a rough start to the season. DePaul hasn't even been to the NCAA tournament in ages, let alone the Sweet Sixteen!

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