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A Michigan Commit Visits Ohio State

The pre-season practice schedule is underway for Ohio State football. The team is experiencing victories even while preparing for their season. Their coaching staff has been pulling double-duty trying to be victorious in recruiting as well. This is a college coach's busiest time of the year but no staff does it better than the Ohio State coaches.

Leonard Taylor to Visit OSU

Michigan commit and elite 2018 prospect 'Leonard Taylor' from Springfield, Ohio has made it perfectly clear that he'll be making multiple visits this fall to Ohio State. He unexpectedly committed himself to the Wolverines last spring but never let his interest in the Buckeyes die. He stands 6ft. 6in. and weighs around 260lbs.

Taylor is definitely a big physical specimen with the ability to play tight end or on the defensive line in college ball. He's an Ohio native and surely one of the best prospects in his class. Once his senior year comes around those Ohio State coaches are going to be working like mules to flip him.

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