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COLUMBUS, OH — So, big news in college basketball: Ajae Petty, that former standout from the Kentucky Wildcats, has done a total switcheroo. Yep, she's ditched the bluegrass vibes for the scarlet and grey of Ohio State Buckeye Nation.

Last year, Ajay Petty was an absolute force at Kentucky. She averaged 14.2 points per game, which made her the Wildcats’ leading scorer. But that’s not all, she also dominated the boards, pulling down an impressive 10.6 rebounds a game. Oh, and she was swatting shots left and right with almost a block per game! Petty’s journey from LSU to Kentucky was quite the adventure, and now she's bringing her A-game to Ohio State.

The Transfer Portal Shuffle

Petty's decision to make the leap from Lexington to Columbus wasn't a snap call. She's been doing the transfer portal tango, and it seems the Buckeyes have swept her off her feet. The 6-foot-4 force of nature brings a whole lot to the table: scoring prowess, tenacity on the boards, and a work ethic that could power a small city.

Kentucky Days: Petty's Wildcat Journey

Let’s back up a little bit. Petty’s journey began at LSU, where she honed her skills over two seasons. Then she found herself in the heart of the Bluegrass State like a wanderer in a basketball club. At Kentucky, she blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. Last season, she averaged a cool 14.2 points and 10.6 rebounds per game. Those are not just statistics; Those are the kinds of stats that make coaches drool in their sports books.

Why Ohio State?

So, why the Buckeyes? Well, it's not just about the legendary Schottenstein center or the sweet scent of buckeye trees in the air. Petty saw an opportunity to make an impact. Ohio State's glass game needed a boost, and she's here to deliver. Her 10.6 rebounds per game last season? Yeah, that's like a life raft for a team that struggled on the boards. Petty's projected to slide right into the starting center spot, flanked by Cotie McMahon and Taylor Thierry. Together, they're about to give opposing teams a crash course in rebounding 101.

The Transfer Domino Effect

Petty isn't the only transfer making waves in Columbus. Chance Gray, formerly of Oregon, hopped on the Buckeye bandwagon too. Gray's got handles, and she's likely to be one of the starting guards next season. Add in Madison Greene and the incoming freshman Jaloni Cambridge, and you've got a lineup that's got opponents shaking in their sneakers.

What's Next?

With Petty's commitment, Ohio State's roster is shaping up nicely. But there's still room for one more scholarship. Will Eboni Walker get the nod for another year of eligibility? Buckeye fans are holding their breath. Either way, Petty's arrival is a game-changer. She's bringing her Kentucky grit, her LSU seasoning, and a hunger for victory. Watch out, Big Ten—Ajae Petty's in town, and she's ready to make some noise.

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