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Austin Parks, a 2023 center from Memorial Saint Marys High School, is headed to Ohio State with dreams of taking his game to the next level. Learn more about this up and coming basketball star.Austin Parks is a 2023 center bound for Ohio State to pursue his dreams of excelling in college basketball. After impressing with Memorial Saint Marys High School, the 6-foot-9, 230 lbs post player has all of the makings of a future star.

Introduction to Austin Parks

Austin Parks, a 2023 center out of Memorial Saint Marys High School, is a basketball player with high potential. At 6-foot-9 and 230lbs, he is a physically imposing force on the court. His incredible footwork and smooth shooting mechanics make him a highly sought after asset to any college basketball team. Now he's taking his talents to Ohio State in pursuit of NCAA glory.

His Prep Career Highlights

Austin Parks had a stellar prep career from Memorial Saint Marys High School. He averaged 25 points and 17 rebounds per game while shooting 57% from the field. He was named the Southwest Ohio Player of the Year, led his team to a state championship, and became one of the top rated centers in his class. Now he is ready to bring his talents to Ohio State and take his game to the next level.What the Experts Are Saying About HimBasketball experts agree that Austin Parks has the potential to be an elite player at the collegiate level. He has the size, athleticism, and skill to become a dominant force in college basketball. In addition, he exhibits strong leadership qualities on the court and is well respected by his teammates. Whether it's pouring in points, controlling the glass, or setting up his teammates; Parks has what it takes to make a major impact for Ohio State.

His College Decision

When it came time to make his college decision, Austin Parks spent many hours researching the programs he was most interested in. He identified Ohio State as the perfect fit for his basketball and academic goals. While there were a number of schools that presented good options, Parks felt like OSU had the perfect combination of style of play, resources, and coaching staff. In the end, he decided that joining the Buckeyes was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

What is He Expecting from Ohio State

Parks is looking forward to learning from the coaches at Ohio State and further developing his game. He envisions the Buckeyes providing him with the proper training, guidance, and support to help him excel on and off the court. He hopes to build upon the foundation he has already established of making plays that make an impact in order to become an even better player. Austin plans on using his time at OSU as a stepping stone towards achieving his own personal goals as well as helping bring success to his new team."Ohio State is a great school and I am excited to potentially pursue a degree there. I am a center on my high school basketball team and have aspirations of playing college basketball. I am a hardworking student both on and off the court and believe that I can make an impact on the Ohio State basketball team. In the classroom I am a leader and strive to reach my full potential. I am confident that Ohio State would be a great fit for me and I am excited for the opportunity to pursue a degree there." said Austin Parks

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