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 Columbus, OH - Boom! Just like that, the Chris Holtmann era at Ohio State is over. Gone are the memories of Sweet Sixteen runs and Big Ten titles, replaced by the sting of a 9-loss skid and a program adrift. Well, Buckeye Nation, if you thought Valentine's Day was gonna be awkward, hold my chocolate-covered pretzel because things just got spicy in Columbus. 

Sure, Holtmann leaves with a respectable 137-86 record, but let's face it, the last two years were a Buckeye blender, churning out inconsistency and leaving fans with a bitter taste. After a 107-56 start, that 30-30 record over the past two seasons is a stat nobody wants hanging over their program.Wednesday's loss to Wisconsin was the final nail in the coffin. Nine losses in 11 games? That ain't gonna cut it in Columbus, baby. So, out goes Holtmann, and in steps the coaching carousel of doom.Assistant coach Jake Diebler steps in as interim, but let's be honest, that's just holding the fort until a new sheriff rides into Who's next? The rumor mill is churning faster than a pre-game tailgate grill. Local boys Tony Bennett and Sean Miller are getting name-dropped, but let's be honest, the possibilities are endless. One thing's for sure, whoever takes the reins better be ready to navigate a program in flux.

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