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Quincy Porter hails from Jersey, where high school football is king. He spent his Fridays under the bright lights, weaving through defenders and leaving crowds speechless. But one particular Friday afternoon, everything changed. It was like destiny stepped in and sent him straight to the holy land of Ohio State.

The Decision

Quincy had options. Michigan, Penn State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Alabama all vied for his signature. Yet, when he stepped onto Ohio State's campus, something clicked. Maybe it was the camaraderie among the players or the whispered echoes of past legends—the Buckeyes' legacy etched into every brick. But Quincy knew this was home.

Wide Receiver U

"The wide receiver play they have at Ohio State," Quincy told On3, "Ohio State is Wide Receiver U." He wasn't wrong. Names like Cris Carter, Terry Glenn, and Michael Thomas adorned the halls. The tradition ran deep, and Quincy wanted to add his chapter to the story.

The Conversation with Coach Hartline

Brian Hartline, the Buckeyes' wide receiver coach, sealed the deal. Late-night talks, Xs and Os dissected over coffee, and a shared vision—they connected. "I’m close with Hartline," Quincy confessed. "Our conversations ultimately made me commit." Sometimes, it's not just about the game; it's about the people who shape it.

The Visit

On a sunny June day, Quincy strolled through Ohio State's campus. Scarlet and gray jerseys blurred past, each one whispering, "Welcome home." He met future teammates, felt the buzz of the Horseshoe, and imagined himself scoring touchdowns under those iconic lights. It was more than a visit; it was destiny knocking.

Closing the Chapter

Quincy had planned visits to Michigan and Oklahoma, but fate intervened. On3 reported that he'd shut down his recruitment. Ohio State now had their 15th commitment in the 2025 class. De'zie Jones, another Jersey native, would be his partner in crime—a duo destined to electrify the Buckeyes' offense.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, Quincy Porter's name echoed across the Ohio State campus. Fans whispered it in reverence, coaches etched it on their playbooks, and somewhere, a kid in New Jersey dreamed of following in his footsteps. Quincy had committed—to a legacy, a brotherhood, and a promise: to be the next chapter in Wide Receiver U's storied saga.

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