#11/12 Ohio State v. #17/20 Michigan State | OSU Sports Information
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#11/12 Ohio State
v. #17/20 Michigan

Spartan Stadium, East
Lansing, MichiganKickoff: 3:30 pmTV: ABC

There is one common theme to every championship team;
effort.  You can’t be a champion without
effort.  Talent and coaching can only get
you so far and when two teams of similar talent collide, more often than not
the team giving the most effort will win. The Buckeyes have talent at every
position and the coaching staff is regarded as one of the best in the country, so
why does this preseason championship caliber team look like it just woke up
from an all night bender?  Where is the
effort?  Jim Tressel mentioned that the
entire offensive scheme is being analyzed and possibly tooled.  You think? 
It was a dogged performance in a lazy win against Purdue that sent you
back to the drawing board and not embarrassing losses to Florida, LSU and USC?  If the Buckeyes continue to play like they
did against Purdue, do you honestly think OSU will beat Michigan
State, Penn State,
Illinois and Michigan? 

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