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#11/12 Ohio State
v. Purdue

Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OhioKickoff: 3:30pmTV: ABC        

12 years ago Purdue head football coach Joe Tiller brought
pizzazz and excitement to an otherwise slow, plodding,
three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust Big Ten. 
Since Tiller installed the spread offense, Purdue has been at or near
the top of the conference offensive statistics. 
A 2-3 record was certainly not the way the Boilermakers wanted to start
out the season but the urgency for wins makes them a dangerous opponent.  Coach Tiller will be retiring at the end of
the season which makes the urgency even greater.  The Buckeyes are coming off a come from
behind win at Wisconsin.  The Buckeyes overall seem to still be
searching for an identity or a spark or both. 
With the Terrelle Pryor / Beanie Wells combo starting to gel, that explosion
might just be a game away.

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