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AJ Trapasso Shows his Versatility in the Hall of Fame Game

Preseason is never all that interesting but the first quarter proved exciting last night for the Tennessee Titans with the help of some good play by Terry Collins and a trick play were OSU graduate AJ Trapasso ran a statue of liberty into the end zone from 30 yards out.

By Steve Patterson

Terrell Owens was to be the star last night and did catch two nice passes from Trent Edwards but the highlight of the game was Trapasso’s run into the end zone, something you rarely see from a punter in the NFL. Ohio State fans are used to his athleticism coming to Columbus from near by Pickerington where he played running back in addition to kicking. I thought there was a penalty on the play with a Buffalo Bill getting blocked in the back near the 10 yard line, but it’s pre season so we’ll let the play stand.

Trapasso was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Titans in late April after punting four years for the Buckeyes and handling kickoffs when their starting kickoff specialist Aaron Pettrey was unable to. He hopes to make it with the Titans which already have veteran Craig Hentrich on the roster.

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