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Chase Young has been dominant all season long. Look at his stats. 44 tackles, 16.5 sacks, and 6 forced fumbles. Not to mention that those 16.5 sacks are a school record that he achieved despite missing two games this year due to suspension. This has been one of the most dominant seasons for defensive player college football has seen. There's a reason why he's a candidate and a lot of people think he can win despite only one defensive player has ever won the Heisman.

He and his other candidates will be at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. It has been held there since 2005. Here are the other candidates that will be there and their stats:

Joe Burrow, QB for LSU 77.9 cmp%, 4,715 YDS, 48 TD, 6 INT

Justin Fields, QB for Ohio State 67.5 CMP%, 2,953 YDS, 40 TD, 1 INT

Jalen Hurts, QB for Oklahoma 71.8 CMP%, 3,634 YDS, 32 TD, 7 INT

All Offensive Players for Heisman

Every single candidate excluding Chase Young is an offensive player. Although many believe he deserves the award, in today’s age of football, people are big fans of explosive plays on offense. Don't get me wrong, people love seeing a player disrupt the offense with their abilities, but many people prefer an offensive shootout over great defensive play. This is why the past two Heisman winners have been from Oklahoma as they are known for great offense, but terrible defense. This year, like many before it, is to see who the best QB was by looking at their stats and how their teams are playing.

Joe Burrow

His team is #1 in the nation and my favorite to win the Heisman. He has massively improved from last year. Many people believed that if they had a decent QB, they would've beaten Alabama last year. What happens this year? LSU goes into Tuscaloosa and dominated Alabama because of their great offense. The thing is, Joe Burrow was the QB both years. To go from being considered an average to a below-average player, to the Heisman Favorite, shows how much he can improve and it showed in the SEC Championship Game as he dominated Georgia.

Justin Fields

Speaking of Georgia, Justin used to play at UGA last year. He was the back-up to Jake Fromm and barely got any action and decided to transfer. All he has done this year is show UGA and everyone in the country why he was the #1 recruited player out of high school. His chance to win the Heisman is hurt by the amazing year Joe Burrow is having as well as having a teammate like Chase Young.

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