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Michigan Brandon Graham Talks Justin Boren

Brandon Graham came out today when asked by the media about Justin Boren’s move to Ohio State with some hard words. He felt that Boren never gave the new coaching staff a chance and transferring is equivalent to quitting. Graham plans on making some noise on the field on Saturday and hopes Boren is on the receiving end of some of the trash talk.

By Steve Patterson

Not Justin Boren

When talking with the media today Michigan senior Brandon Graham started by stating that his kids would never be allowed to consider Ohio State. “I’m not Justin Boren. I couldn’t do that” he said. He plans on doing just as much talking on the field on Saturday. “Some people talk back, some people don’t”. he explained about the trash talking he customarily does during a game.

Michigan Front Four

Graham feels the Michigan front four on the defense will be able to handle the offensive line of Ohio State. “I trust and believe we’ve got a good front four that’s going to get the job done.” he said about his defensive teammates. And he added about Boren, “He’s going to have to prove to me he’s still got it. He was good here, but I don’t think he’s good there because it’s O-State”

Ohio State Proficiency

Boren will be the starting left guard for the Buckeyes when they face the 5-6 Michigan Wolverines on Saturday in the Big House. Ohio State has already secured a piece of the Big Ten title for 2009 and been invited to play in the Rose Bowl versus the winner of the Pacific 10 Conference. The OSU offensive line has provided space for the running backs the past two weeks to run for more than 220 yards a game against two ranked opponents. Ohio State hopes to have similar success against the Wolverines, ranked 84th nationally against the run.

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