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TMAPA, FL - JANUARY 02: Guard Jole Foreman #67 of the Michigan State Spartans celebrates a touchdown catch by wide receiver Keith Nichol #7 against the Georgia Bulldogs in the Outback Bowl January 2, 2012 at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Florida. The Sparatans won 33 - 30 in triple overtime. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Ohio State Buckeyes v Michigan State Spartans

This weekend Ohio State (#14) travels for the first time this year and its up to East Lansing to meet one of the premium teams in the Big Ten, the Michigan State Spartans (#20).  The Spartans present a challenging defense for any team with the 13th best passing defense in the country and the 11th best rush defense. Currently the Buckeyes are atop the Leaders division at 4-0. If the Buckeyes hope to finish the year undefeated they will need to find a way to move the ball against a defensive powerhouse of Saturday.

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