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Ohio State Nebraska Game Time: On the road Saturday 7:30pm on ABC at Nebraska Memorial Stadium. ESPN College Gameday will be there for the game.

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Ohio State Should Be Challenged

Number 5 Ohio State gave up a ton of points last year against Nebraska (36-31 Ohio State). And Nebraska could be similar to Purdue last year with play makers that can challenge the Buckeyes. Hopefully Ohio State is more focused with Ryan Day as the head coach. The defense has taken a big step forward this year with the change of four defensive coaches in the off-season. Ohio State is Number 2 in the country right now for yards allowed per game.

Nebraska is a one score loss away from being 4-0 on the season. They beat South Alabama, Northern Illinois, and Illinois. Ohio State is not used to playing against a dynamic quarterback like Nebraska's Adrian Martinez so this could be a good challenge for the Silver Bullets. Playing against Justin Fields at practice could help them prepare but the one similar quarterback in Indiana's Penix wasn't able to suit up against OSU.

Ohio State Is Having a Great Year

Ohio State has dominated all their games so far this season. Justin Fields has been great with 880 passing yards for 13 touchdowns while rushing for another 6 TDs. Watching film, Ohio State should realize that the game on Saturday is going to be a bigger challenge than the previous games they have played.

Michigan is no good so Ohio State could go all the way with others teams being down this year. They just have to get past a few mid-sized challenges like Nebraska.

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