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Ohio State Buckeyes Win Outright Big Ten Title with Michigan Victory

Ohio State was able to win the Big Ten title outright by beating Michigan yesterday in the Big House 21-10. Ohio State has won the conference championship five straight seasons. This also marks the 6th time in a row that Ohio State has beaten the Team Up North which matches a record from the 1920s. The win also improves Head Coach Jim Tressel’s winning record against the Buckeye’s main rival to 8-1 during his 9 years with OSU.

By Steve Patterson

Ohio State Running Game

In a game that featured throw back jersey’s for Ohio State, the Buckeyes returned to a game plan that didn’t involve much passing. But with their defense grabbing five Michigan turnovers and the running attack gaining 251 yards on the day, passing wasn’t required. Daniel Boom Herron, Brandon Saine and Terrelle Pryor combined for 251 yards on the ground and one touchdown. The final touchdown for Ohio State came on a tailback screen from 12 yard line to Herron.

Michigan Turnovers

A bad start of Michigan didn’t help their cause as starting quarterback Tate Forcier fumbled the ball in the end zone resulting in a Cameron Heyward recovery for a touchdown. During the game he also threw four interceptions which killed Michigan drives that at times showed promise through the air. The loss by Michigan means they will end the season with a 5-7 record (1-7 in conference) and will not be invited to a bowl game. This is the 2nd season with Rich Rodriguez as head coach, his 2nd losing record, and the teams second year in a row without a bowl appearance.

Rose Bowl

The Buckeyes now have more than a month to prepare for their New Year’s Day BCS bowl game against the winner of the Pacific 10 conference. Ohio State hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1996 when they beat Arizona State 20-17.

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