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Big news: Ohio State is now offering a spot on their roster to Brandyn Hillman, a former 2023 safety signee from Notre Dame! Find out more about our newest addition!

Ohio State was proud to announce earlier this week that they made an offer for a new addition to their 2023 class: Brandyn Hillman, a 2023 former safety signee from Notre Dame! The Buckeyes are thrilled with what he could bring to the table in terms of athleticism and experience. Read on to learn more about Brandyn!

Introduction to Brandyn Hillman

Brandyn Hillman is a 2023 safety signee from Notre Dame. He would come to the Buckeyes with a background of strong defensive play, having made over 100 career tackles in the past three years at his high school. Brandyn is passionate about football and will make an excellent addition to the Ohio State defense if they can beat out Michigan and Wisconsin.

Career Highlights and Major Accomplishments

Brandyn Hillman comes to the Buckeyes with a long history of success. He's had 100 career tackles in the past three years at his high school (Portsmouth Churchland in Virginia), and has earned several accolades for his achievements on the field. As a junior, Brandyn was voted an All-State player and received "Defensive MVP" honors for a tremendous season of defensive play. His hard work and dedication are sure to be an asset on Ohio State's defense roster going forward! He also played quarterback with over 1,000 running and passing yards along with 30 touchdowns.

Why Ohio State Chose Hillman for a Scholarship

With Brandyn Hillman's impressive background in high school, his combination of agility and ability to read plays quickly makes him an ideal fit for the Ohio State roster. His experience in multiple positions on the defense, including cornerback and safety, gives him a versatility that will be beneficial to the team. Additionally, his competitive mentality makes him poised to make a solid impact in competition. We believe these attributes will help take the defensive backfield even further this season! He is considered the 7th best athlete in the nation for 2023 and the 130th overall prospect.

How Hillman Can Improve the Buckeyes’ Defense in 2023-2024 Season.

As a dedicated team player and excellent tactician, Hillman's presence on the field is sure to significantly amplify the defensive backfield's performance. Through his agility and technique, he'll be able to quickly traverse across multiple positions, adjusting strategies on the fly as needed. His assertive and competitive mindset will also help him anticipate plays and make timely decisions, allowing him to keep up with opponents even during our toughest competitions. He would join a number of standout players in the backfield including Denzel Burke, Lathan Ransom, freshman Jermain Matthews, and transfers Davison Igbinosun, and Ja'Had Carter.

The Impact of Scholarship Offers Like This on Other College Programs Across the Country

The recruitment of Hillman to the Ohio State team could have far-reaching implications for college football. Often, such a high-profile transfer can generate motivation and competition among other teams looking to acquire top talent. As a result, they may offer better scholarship packages in order to attract highly talented players. This could lead to an increase in student athletes joining programs across the country while potentially highlighting the importance of receiving financial support when pursuing higher education.

Notre Dame Film Room - Breaking Down Brandyn Hillman

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