Scouting Report: Ex-Buckeye LB Marcus Freeman makes his presents felt for the Bears. | OSU Sports Information
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Scouting Report: Ex-Buckeye LB Marcus Freeman makes his presents felt for the Bears.

Marcus Freeman was a 5th round pick by the Bears and made his presents felt in game 3 of the preseason game against the Broncos. He was doing what came natural to him—covering his zone and using his athleticism and ball skills to pick off a pass.

By Bill Smith

At the start of OTAs, Freeman was just one of 6 LBs fighting for 3 backup spots on the 53 man roster of the Bears. But those that figured that Freeman was 5th on the list of 6 were wrong. He has been a part of some special teams and has appeared in each of the three games so far. He has had multiple solo tackles in each game. In game 3 he added his first pick to his statistics.

Freeman's strong points are his speed and tackling ability. He is excellent in covering TEs or backs man to man or in zone. He reads the QB well and anticipates the throw with enough speed to catch up to the receiver or the ball. He also is active against the run. He often ends up in the pile or making a solo tackle in the open field.

Because of his size he struggles to get off the block of a pulling G or TE. He needs to do a better job hand fighting to avoid the blocker getting hands to his body. Those are techniques he will develop. The pro blockers are a lot more effective than even those in the Big 10.

Until then he can depend on his speed, instincts, and tackling ability to keep him on the roster.

That's what I think. Tell me what you think.

Ex-Buckeye Brian Hartline has moved up to starting WR.

The Miami Harold reported that former OSU Buckeye WR Brian Hartline has moved into a starting spot for the Dolphins opposite former Buckeye Ted Ginn. Rookie Hartline has beaten out 2nd year WR Davone Bess from Hawaii.

Hartline has caught 5 balls for 107 yards including a 54 yard reception in game 3 vs. Tampa Bay. Bess has 4 catches for 30 yards. Both receivers were competing for the underneath receiver similar to the job that Wes Welker plays for the Pats. Bess is quick but not fast and at 5-10 can get lost in traffic. Hartline has better speed than Bess and is 6-2 with just as good hands.

The two Buckeyes should have outstanding seasons with the Dolphins.

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