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Justice Sueing transferred from California to the Buckeyes. Head Coach Chris Holtmann informed everyone of the addition of Sueing, a 6’7″ forward originally from Honolulu Hawaii. Sueing posted his transfer destination on May the 10th on Twitter. Justice Sueing Sueing played two years for the Golden Bears and will have two years of eligibility with Ohio State after red-shirting this up
Buddy Hall Famous Pool Players The game of pool, or in some places known as pocket billiard, has been around for a very long time. It’s one of the most popular, and most stylish indoor sports, and since it’s been discovered, there have been many great players that made their contribution to the game, and that are nowadays considered legends. That’s why, in this article, we will
Here are the NFL Teams in order by cap space and the positions of need for this coming season. Make sure to listen to the radio show today for all the discussion. 1 IN 106411235 PR, WR, LB, DL 2 NJ 102,149,882 PR, OT, G. C, RB, WR 3 HO 80,913,667 OT, G, C, RB 4 BF 79,986,112 WR2 , OL, RB, TE 5 CL 79,149,465 DT, WR, LB, CB 6 OK 72,915,680 PR, S, WR CB 7 SF 67,493,622 PR, DB, WR,
Here are my AFC Half Season Grades. AFC East New England Offense is outstanding Defense is average. A- Miami Offense is very inconsistent Defense is consistently bad C- New York Jets This team is not going anywhere. D Buffalo This team is in for a long couple of seasons. D AFC North Pittsburgh The Offense finally got going. The Defense needs to get better. B Cincinnati I have no idea how the have
Here are my NFC Half Season grades. NFC East Washington Good run gm but not much else. A very soft schedule has given them 5 wins B- Philadelphia This is not where the Eagles expected to be. 4 losses have put this team in a must win.B- Dallas Offense is way down this year & Defense has not been good for a long time. D New York Giants Defense is actually better than the Offense. Coaching staff
Here are my Starter Grades for AFC East teams. If you are picking your fantasy sports teams this weekend you’ll want to have a look at these ratings.   Bills QB new AJ McCarron FA Josh Allen R gone Ty Taylor T   McCarron is unproven & Allen is a rookie. D     RB LeSean McCoy   McCoy is Outstanding as a runner & receiver. A     WR Kelvin Benjamin & Zay Jones
My line up grades for the NFL AFC South teams for the 2018 season. You need to keep these grades close by when you select your teams for the coming year. AFC South Texans QB Deshaun Watson If Watson can survive the season, he will be fine. A- RB Lamar Miller Miller was horrible last yr with 21y his longest run. D WR DeAndre Hopkins & Will Fuller V & Bra
For everyone asking for NFC North starting lineup grades, here you are. Hope you have time to get ready for opening weekend. NFC North Bears QB Mitch Trubisky I am not sure Mitch is the right guy but he is all they have C RB Jordan Howard Howard is solid but this group is deep with quality A- WR Allen Robinson & Taylor Gabriel & Anthony Miller Robin is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.

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