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Sunshine filled the sky at Ohio State Stadium as Maryland great offensive lineman Jevon McFadden first stepped into the Horseshoe in Columbus. It was a long trip from Upper Marlboro, but totally worth it for McFadden at the mid-point of the 2023 season.

Jayvon McFadden

His visit coincided perfectly with a big game against Michigan State, and he was smashed by the Buckeyes! They were unstoppable on this day. But for McFadden, this weekend was about more than just winning. It was a chance to connect with the coaches, players, and entire Ohio State team – the people who fully immersed him in the program.

The Offer That Changed Everything

As the Buckeyes rolled over the Spartans, McFadden sat in the stands, soaking in the electric atmosphere. Coach Ryan Day and offensive line coach Justin Frye made their way to him during halftime. Their words were simple but carried immense weight: “Jayvon, we want you to be part of this family.”

When Ohio State offered him a spot, McFadden’s jaw hit the floor (or maybe the Horseshoe turf!). He could barely believe it. This wasn’t just any field; it was where legends played, and now he had the chance to … Read more at FryingPanSports

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