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Alright, listen up! Micah Parrish, a former San Diego State forward, has packed his bags and headed to the Ohio State University! Buckeye fans, buckle the seat belt because this news is like a slam dunk for the 2024-25 basketball season. Standing tall at 6’6″, Parrish is exactly what the Buckeyes need to beef up their roster and bring some serious game to the season.

But wait, let’s rewind a bit.

Micah Parrish

A Bit of Background

A native of Detroit, Parrish began his college hoops journey at Oakland University before transferring to San Diego State. And let me tell you, his time with the Aztecs was nothing but jaw-dropping. They danced their way to the state tournament in 2023 and rained out the Sweet 16 in 2024. Now, he’s hammering out that winning spirit at Ohio State.

What’s in Micah Parrish’s Bag of Tricks?

Statistics may not throw the whole story out, but Parrish got some sweet things up his sleeve. Sure, his scoring average of 9.3 points per game this season won’t blow your mind, but with his versatility, court smarts and as the guard-three-star small forward who caught the Buckeyes’ attention, he’s got the skills to … Read more at FryingPanSports

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