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Big news for Ohio State football fans! Word on the net (thanks to ESPN’s Pete Thamel) is that the Buckeyes are looking to bring in former Akron offensive coordinator Billy Fessler to coach their quarterbacks. Let’s see how this shakes things up for Ohio State quarterbacks.

Billy Fessler

The Fessler Connection

Billy Fessler is no newbie to the Buckeyes! He spent two years (2020-2021) actually coaching quarterbacks as a grad assistant at Ohio State. Then, he worked with QBs again and took his talents to Akron for two years (2022-2023). His skills must have been warming up because Chip Kelly hired him to coach quarterbacks at UCLA! However, fate intervened when Kelly left UCLA, and now Fessler is back in Columbus.

The Role of an Analyst

As a QB analyst, Fessler will be dissecting game film, analyzing plays, and working closely with the Buckeye signal-callers. His insights could prove valuable, with the hiring of Chip Kelly as the new Buckeye offensive coordinator. Kelly’s offensive skills are known, and having Fessler on board adds another expert to the coaching staff.

A Personal Connection

But let’s get personal. Billy Fessler started as a graduate assistant at Ohio State, then went on … Read more at FryingPanSports

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