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Yahoo Sports spoke to talent evaluators across the NFL, and they agreed on key points that will impact ex-Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott going forward.
Aaron Rodgers would have you believe he's oblivious and unaffected by the doubts and the drama. It's not true, of course, and it's exactly the fuel the Jets need.
Three NFL agents open up on four key aspects of the Lamar Jackson saga, including the Deshaun Watson deal and parsing between collusion and lying.
Devontae Armstrong, an offensive lineman with immense potential, may be headed to Ohio State University for his college football career. Here’s why. Devontae Armstrong is a standout athlete who has attracted the attention of college football recruiters across the country. With his impressive size and skill set, he’s expected to make an impact at the next level. One school that seem
There are four top quarterbacks in this year's NFL draft. Depending on who you ask, any of the college standouts could be the best signal caller in the class.
The Buckeyes may have an impressive offensive line recruit on their hands: Deontae Armstrong of St. Edwards High School in Lakewood is looking favorably at Ohio State for 2024. Ohio State could be looking at a powerhouse offensive lineman in 2024, as Deontae Armstrong (twitter) from St. Edwards High School in Lakewood is rumored to have his eye on the Buckeyes. Armstrong has impressive stats a
Four quarterbacks go in the top seven of Charles McDonald's latest mock draft — the last one before the NFL scouting combine delivers us a ton of new information.
Kellen Moore is gone and Mike McCarthy is taking over play-calling in Dallas. Dak Prescott weighs in on what will be different for the Cowboys next season.
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