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The 49ers rookie quarterback showed his inexperience and also his tremendous promise on Sunday night vs. the Chargers.
Taunting wasn't truly a problem for the NFL, but members of the Competition Committee launched a campaign, inspired by one player, to curb "disrespectful" acts.
Aaron Rodgers is back in a Packers uniform after an offseason full of trade rumors and hurt feelings. The truth is very little has changed from either side.
Bill Belichick and New England suffered a rare losing season in 2020 and saw ex-QB Tom Brady win a Super Bowl in Tampa. Then the Pats got busy.
George Fitzpatrick (twitter), a 6’6″ 285 lbs. offensive tackle prospect from Englewood Colorado recently committed to the Ohio State 2022 recruiting class. He is rated a 4 star recruit, the 27th best offensive tackle in the nation, and the 2nd best player in the state of Colorado. He made June 2022 visits to Florida, Oregon, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Ohio State, while having over 29 sch
Washington won a division title with an offense that struggled in 2020. With a QB upgrade in Ryan Fitzpatrick and a strong defense, thing are looking up.
It's all kinds of problematic (but not surprising) that the investigation into WFT's vile workplace culture resulted in what amounts to a slap on the wrist for Dan Snyder.
The Giants running back is set to return from a devastating knee injury. Liz Loza takes a deep dive into his outlook, and why it's so difficult to rank him this year.
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