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Hiring a strength coach accused of racism and bullying raises questions about rookie head coach Urban Meyer's ability to adapt. Meyer better figure it out, or he will fail.
Tom Brady's 2014 email to a friend went viral because he promised to play well beyond Peyton Manning and beat all his records. Brady was right.
There's a long list of quarterbacks — 27, including Patrick Mahomes — who have been on the losing end in an NFL posteseason game featuring Tom Brady.
Matthew Stafford and the Lions are splitting up. Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. Aaron Rodgers is cryptic about his Packers future. What's a QB-needy team to do?
Top linebacker recruit Raesjon Davis visited Ohio State this past weekend to take a look at the campus and facilities, although the family was not allowed to meet with the coaching staff. The staff has been very active trying to lure Davis to Columbus for 2021 in a class that ranked 2nd in the country (behind Alabama) but only contains one linebacker, Reid Carrico. Davis is considered a 4 star re
The Steelers will give QB Dwayne Haskins plenty of support and he'll be in a place where he can learn, which is why ex-teammate Alex Smith says a turnaround is possible.
The Packers QB will be one of many guest hosts for "Jeopardy!" in 2021 as it seeks a permanent replacement for Alex Trebek. Rodgers has the qualities to be very, very good.
Buffalo won its first playoff game since Dec. 30, 1995, beating Indianapolis 27-24 in a thriller.
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