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Buffalo won its first playoff game since Dec. 30, 1995, beating Indianapolis 27-24 in a thriller.
For as much progress as they've made, missing out on the playoffs would feel an awful lot like "Same Ol 'Browns" — even if it's not.
Terez Paylor likes an NFC West showdown, while Charles Robinson will have his eyes on a prime-time power clash.
The joke all season has been that Trevor Lawrence may want to avoid playing for the New York Jets. There is, however, a big benefit to the Big Apple.
Sunday's Pittsburgh-Buffalo showdown should be a good one as both of these playoff-bound teams will try to land another statement win before January.
Eric Ebron saying the league is "trying to see us fail" might be overselling it, but if there ever was a team that could play the disrespect card, it’s the 2020 Steelers.
Owner Jerry Jones humble brag about Dallas leading the world in attendance is pathetic since we are in the middle of a pandemic, and the NFL is complicit in it.
With the era of autocrat coaches cycling out and a new age of younger minds coming in, college coaches could be more appealing to NFL franchises.
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