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Parker Lewis, one of the best kickers in the country, attracted Ohio State Football’s attention as soon as he entered the transfer portal in December. Despite being a prominent figure for the Trojans for the last seasons, the USC kicker Parker has finally made a move to Ohio State football. According to the icon, the desire to transfer to Ohio was elucidated by, among other reasons, the fa
New England, through its decades of winning, has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to roster building. But last week's draft was still a head-scratcher.
As recently as January, the idea that Travon Walker could be the No. 1 pick in this week's NFL draft was unfathomable. Well, we're days away and he's the man of the moment.
The exhilarating 2022 NBA season sent a wide range of teams in this year’s playoffs. Let’s get to the NBA playoff schedule. The first round is in the thick of it as the teams are in Games 3 or 4 out of the potential 7 games they will be playing, and here are the games that are coming up. NBA Playoff Schedule SATURDAY, APRIL 23 2:00 PM EST – Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptor
What's the real story behind Tom Brady's retirement and return to the NFL? The final installment of his miniseries may have the answers, but don't count on it.
Two men were reportedly apprehended after a fatal shooting in which Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph was present at the scene.
Dwayne Haskins, who starred at Ohio State and was a first-round pick by Washington in 2019, was struck by a dump truck while he was walking on a Florida highway.
The draft maneuvering has begun. Philly and New Orleans agreed to a trade that includes multiple first-round picks, including an exchange of firsts this year.
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