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Minnesota with Kirk Cousins and Dallas with Dak Prescott are proving you don't need an elite signal-caller to be a postseason contender.
Indianapolis isn't quite pulling a guy off the street to coach, but Jim Irsay's experiment could go in any direction. At the very least, the team will be interesting.
Philadelphia came out flat as a two-touchdown favorite in Houston, but it pulled away in the second half behind a dominant defense to improve to 8-0.
Tom Brady and Gisele B√ľndchen appeared to have the kind of union that often defied their star power. Now there's only the sorrow that goes with so many divorces.
In this week's Four Verts, we feel bad for a Denver D being wasted by Russell Wilson, celebrate the Jets and put a fork in the Panthers and Browns.
The Cowboys, out of sheer necessity, have found a winning formula with Dak Prescott injured. Trust the defense. Throw less. Run more. Will Prescott follow that playbook?
Los Angeles (-5.5), which has struggled on offense, is favored Sunday against Dallas, which has a very good defense. The Cowboys could win this straight up.
It's not to say Tua Tagovailoa's scary injury could've been avoided, but the NFL needs to take a serious look at concussion protocols that clearly aren't up to par.
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