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Tampa Bay sandwiched two losses around its bye week. It's not what you want. But history shows that Tom Brady's best teams turn up the heat after Thanksgiving.
The odds are long against Cam Newton taking the Panthers back to the promised land. But he’ll get the chance to go out with one more round of cheers, and he deserves it.
In a preliminary court hearing, ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III was painted as a reckless 22-year-old who made a series of terrible decisions.
If the Dolphins — or any other team — are going to complete a trade for Deshaun Watson by next week's deadline, he'll need to sort out his legal matters first.
Despite looking vulnerable early in the season, Baltimore kept finding ways to win. Now they're looking like a viable Super Bowl contender, per usual.
Omari Abor plays for Duncanville Texas high school. The 6’4″, 240-pound defensive end is a 5-star recruit, the 18th best overall prospect, the 2nd best edge player in the country, and the 6th best overall prospect in Texas. Alabama has Jay Valia and Freddie Roach recruiting Abor. LSU has Andre Careter in charge of recruiting him. While Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson is
If you think bigoted execs only work in Washington, think again. Now think of the people that have been marginalized by small-minded NFL power brokers.
A quarter of the fantasy football season is already complete, and there's been no shortage of surprises. Jennifer Eakins reveals her biggest takeaways so far.
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